Chegem is a town and the administrative center of Chomsky District of the Kabardino-Balkar Republic, Russia, located 10 kilometers (6.2 mi) north of Nalchik, at the elevation of about 470 meters.

Places to visit


Chegem Canyon – Waterfalls

Chegem waterfalls are one of the visit cards of a tourist-recreational complex of Kabardino-Balkaria. 
Chegem Waterfalls – Su-Auzu (translated from Balkar “water from the throat”) – a rare beauty pageant. On the right bank of the cliffs descend to the river Chegem noisy streams of water. Some of them were thrown out of the jets of small (finger thick) round holes in the rock and, describing an arc in the air, fall down. Others poured from a height of 30-50 meters in wide ribbon and before it reaches the river, breaks on ledges of cliffs, forming numerous water sparks. Illuminated by the sun (by 10-11 o’clock of the day), waterfalls form a colorful rainbow.
Chegem gorge is the ancient first settled valley in the whole Caucasus where saved historical monuments, old towers, former villages, mausoleum burials.

Cherek canyon

The road to the Cherek gorge passes through a steep, lingering serpentine and a tunnel. In the eyes of tourists grow giant mountains, and the river goes rapidly down. And here you are 400-500 meters above the river. In the distance go the mountains of the Main Caucasian ridge, and somewhere down below the river Cherek Balkars winds like a snake.

Blue Lakes

One of the excursions included in the health centers of Kabardino-Balkaria is a trip to the Blue Lakes, located in the area Cherek and Bezengi valley.
Group of blue lakes – a natural phenomenon, interesting not only for Russia but also in the whole world. The lakes are a group of water karst origin and are located in the beautiful nature, mountain deciduous forests and flowering alpine fields. Above and below the lakes – cliffs, and at the lowest, on the bottom of the canyon, with the noise and the roar of waters Balkar Cherek river.