Azerbaijan has an almost endless variety of cultures, landscapes, monuments and places to explore.
From the ancient ruins, fascinating architectural structures to diverse landscape there is an endless collection of tourist attractions in country’s regions that will never cease to awe and fascinate the visitor.Guba, one of the most popular tourist destinations in Azerbaijan, is beautiful at any season. Characterized by a unique natural landscape, Guba is a favorite tourist spot for its natural splendorIn 2016, about 82,000 local and foreign tourists visited the region.There are many architectural monuments around the region. Guba opens its doors with hospitality to guests from all over the world.





Qechresh is one of the largest villages in the Guba region. It is located 12 km from the district center. There are many recreation centers in the village. The area is covered with forest on all sides. Qechresh is famous for its natural springs and plants.
The wild walnuts, hazelnuts, cranberry, hawthorn, hips, apples, pears and pine trees grown there.  As for the animal world, the village is a home for gazelles, wolves, bears, foxes and other animals. It is also possible to catch fish in Gudjalchay, which gives a special beauty to the village.

Chenlibel Lake

The lake is located near Nugedi village of Guba region. The place is beautiful, especially at dawn, as the mist above the water reflects the light of the rising sun.


The meaning of the name of village is “the place between the mountains.” Valvalachay river passes through two mountains on the northern slope of the Greater Caucasus. The road that passes through two mountains, steep cliffs as well as beautify forest make the view of this village charming.
Tengalti has a very beautyful waterfall called Afurja. Afurja Waterfall is located on the Velvelichai river. Afurja Waterfall listed in the “Nature Monuments of Azerbaijan” and is protected by the state.
The waterfall flows from a high rock situated near the village. A narrow 3-4-meter wide gangway leading underneath the waterfall causes a rush of adrenaline.
The country’s highest waterfall begins in the mountains and from about 70 meters high rock.