Gusar, the country’s picturesque north region attracts a number of tourists for its natural wonders, culture, and traditions of people living here.
Called “Northern Gates” due to its geographical location it is the last large settlement in the north of Azerbaijan and borders the Republic of Dagestan of the Russian Federation.
The highest point of Azerbaijan-Bazarduzu mount, highest cottage in the country – “Suvar” as well as country’s largest carpet are here. The mountain river Gusarchay, in honor of which the city acquired its name, flows in Gusar. 





The amazing village of Laza located in the Gusar region, huddles in a picturesque valley between the mountains.
The village is populated by ethnic Lezgins — a distinctive hospitable people, the ancestors of Leahy, whose history is linked to Caucasian Albania – one of the oldest states in the territory of Azerbaijan. The village with the similar name is located in the gorge of the river Damiraparanchaj in Gabala.
The most ancient landmark of the village is the historical mosque, located in the center of the settlement. The mosque is more than 300 years old.
Surrounded by mountains, Laza is well known for its majestic waterfalls. Competitions on climbing are held at the frozen waterfalls in winter here.


Mount Shahdagh is a mountain peak of the Greater Caucasus range, located in Gusar district of Azerbaijan, close to the border with Russia. The elevation of the peak is 4,243 meters above the sea level. Just 25km from downtown Kusar, Shahdag’s Mountain resort can be found in one of the most beautiful regions of Azerbaijan.
Visitors will be able to choose from a variety of accommodation distributed throughout the complex ranging from luxury hotels, individual chalets, and cottages through to camping (in the summer).
During the winter season, there will be 13 ski slopes available for skiers of all levels. A professional ski school and a ski hire shop will offer a wide range of ski equipment and advice to cater for guests every need.
A brand new ski station equipped with the very latest snow machine technology will ensure that perfect snow conditions will be provided throughout the season.
Other winter activities available will include, snowmobiling, horse riding, snow sliding, tubing and a snow park for children.
In the warmer summer months, the mountain will come alive with activities such as Mountain Biking, Trontinettes, Zip lining, Horse riding, Quad biking, Paintballing and Bob Karts to name but a few. Younger children will also be catered for with a children’s club and bouncy castle as well as other activities.