Dombay is the most famous and oldest ski resort in the North Caucasus. His poetic name is immortalized in the lines of the “Dombai Waltz” known to almost every Russian.
  The resort village is picturesquely located in a small valley at the foot of the Greater Caucasus Mountains. Come here well at any time of the year. But for those who love skiing and other winter sports, the best time is winter and early spring. And for those who love natural contrasts – summer. It is in the summer in Dombay you can get into the spring and even into the winter, climbing the mountain ridge Moussa-Achitara with the help of a cable car to a height of more than 3000 meters above sea level. And while it is warm or even hot below, the dense forest exudes the aroma of pine needles, snow lies on the tops of the mountains here and the glaciers glisten in the sun.  
  Also during the excursion to Dombai you will visit one of the cleanest rivers of Russia – the noisy and turbulent flow of Ullu-Murudzhu in the Teberdinsky nature reserve. There you can not only make great shots, but also drink icy and clear water.

Honey Waterfalls

Honey Waterfalls is an amazing corner of the gorge of the Alikonovka River, wherein the granite canyon you can see 4 picturesque waterfalls: Pearl, Devil’s Mill, Bezymyanny and Bolshoi Medovy. A little to the side from the observation platform one can see another small waterfall formed by the side river Echkivash (Echki-Bash). Although these waterfalls are not the highest and powerful even within the Caucasus, nevertheless, the place has a completely unique energy and leaves an indelible mark on the kaleidoscope of impressions that guests of the Kislovodsk resort take home.