Sheki & Oghuz

Tourists, arriving in Azerbaijan, expect to find themselves immediately in an ancient eastern country. However, what they really see first is the brand new futuristic airport and modern Baku.
Of course, the capital city has many historical places to go, but the real atmosphere of authentic Azerbaijani town can be discovered in the regions. One of such places is the compact but still the magnificent city of Sheki.
Sheki is one of the most ancient cities of Azerbaijan. Archaeological findings suggest that the city might be one of the oldest settlements in the Caucasus, and the discovered pieces in its territory are more than 2,500 years old.
Recently, Sheki became a place of the international and local festivals that attracted many people of disparate interests, from sweet lovers to the festival of sweets to bikers, who earlier this summer gathered together in the city.




Palace of Sheki Khans

Sheki has many historical and architectural attractions. The majestic Palace of Sheki Khans, located in the city fortress, takes a special place with its magnificent wall paintings and colorful windows’ mosaic.
Shaki Khan Palace is one of the most prominent and unique monuments of medieval architecture of Azerbaijan. The building was built during the period of Huseyn Khan the grandson of Haji Chalabi khan who founded the first independent khanate in Azerbaijan. Shaki Khan Palace is also one of the rare pearls of Azerbaijani painting and folk applied art. The paintings of the palace have preserved their clarity so far.

Albanian Church in Kish

One of the oldest historical monuments in the territory of Azerbaijan is the ancient Albanian church in Kish village of Shaki. This church is a famous historical monument, symbolizing not only Caucasian Albania, but also about the spread of Christianity nearly two thousand years ago in the whole Caucasus. The church, which provides material evidence for modern generations about the ancient and rich culture of the Azerbaijani land, is now protected by the state as a historical and architectural monument. The main reason why the church is still preserved by the indigenous population is that it is sacred, which is a member of its ancestry.

Lower and Upper Caravanserai

Swift development of trade in the Middle Ages enhanced importance of caravanserai existing in the territory of Azerbaijan at that time and favored construction of new ones. Generally caravanserai were built in form of castles with one gate, closing of which made them impregnable during dangerous incidents.
“Caravanserai” historical complex in Sheki is two magnificent caravanserai which reached present days. Tourists always visit Sheki’s Lower and Upper Caravansaries, both belonging to the 18th century. The teahouse in the Upper Caravansary is a perfect place to try local sweet Sheki halva and enjoy tea.

Oghuz – Khalkhal Waterfall

Oghuz one of the most beautiful and attractive regions of Azerbaijan. During the trip, you will be get astonished by the marvelous scenery of the city and Khal-Khal waterfall. Oghuz region, known as “the Switzerland of Azerbaijan”. Here you can taste fish dishes in Farel resort area located in the spectacular natural scenery, in Khal – Khal recreation zone.